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I would like to offer my unconditional recommendation of Gema Smith's as a realtor. My wife and I worked with her on our relocation from San Jose, CA to Patterson CA in the spring of 2015, and the experience and its results were stellar. Gema was very skilled at keeping us up-to-date on the fast breaking developments and she did a superb job of shepherding us through the entire set of transactions, including taking advantage of a Fannie Mae foreclosure that we now know had eluded others for years. We listed our old home in San Jose with her at the end of March, 2015, and we were in our fresh house in Patterson on May 1, 2015! The rapidity was almost bewildering! Then my wife's sister listed her house in San Jose with Gema, and subsequently negotiated that sale and got my sister-in-law into a home right around the corner from us here in Patterson, taking possession in January 2016! We believe Gema is a realtor with the all of the skills necessary to produce successful transactions in today's volatile markets.

Ed Goshay

We decided to buy a house in January 2021, along with the rest of the Bay Area market apparently. We met Gema and had proposed a much slower timeline. She educated us on the market and trends, and started slow with us. She did a great job of showing us a variety of homes in different locations/cities, and then checking in to see where our head was at. After putting in a few early offers and learning the ropes, she helped push us to identify what our dream home was and truly go after what we wanted. Once we figured out what we wanted she lined up a day of 7 homes, and we went aggressive for what we wanted. She helped us the whole way and ultimately we found our dream home. Review submitted by Vanessa (Buyer) on 4 Oct 2021